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Tower T14037 Electric Table Grill


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Tower T14037 Electric Table Grill

This Electric Teppanyaki Grill is great for grilling meat, vegetables, fish and fried dishes. In traditional Japanese style, the grill uses an open cooktop to let your guests watch or get involved with the grilling process, adding excitement and atmosphere to your home cooking experience.

Its large 46x26cm surface area allows you to cook more portions for family and friends at the same time, making the grill perfect for dinner parties and indoor BBQs. The aluminium cooking plate uses a non-stick copper coating to ensure little food residue gets left behind, while any burnt-on foods can be lifted from the surface without trouble.

All fried and grilled foods are made healthier with an included oil drip tray to drain away excess fat and oils. Featuring an adjustable temperature for added control, it's easy to cook delicious grilled dinners that will keep you and your guests coming back for more.

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