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Studio Grey Large Jug By Denby


This beautiful new range from Denby combines both style and practicality. Classic greys coupled with more modern styles makes for perfect contemporary pieces. With this in mind, the wide selection of items from the range can be used for both casual dining and for entertaining guests in a more formal setting.

Who doesn't love value for their money? It's for that reason you will love this multipurpose item of this item. Although it is ideal to serve water or gravy at the table, it can also be used to display your ferns from the garden, or as a vase for your flowers.

Also, in the interest of versatility, as it is made from stoneware it has both heat and chill properties and is therefore perfect for holding both hot and cold liquids.


**Currently this item is unavailable for immediate delivery, however we can ordered it for you. Average Lead Time for Delivery is 4-6 Weeks- once you place your order we will be in touch with an estimated delivery date**
  • Features

    Part of the Denby 10 Year Guarantee and Collectors promise

    Oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe

    Denby stoneware is fantastically durable and practical and is designed to be used and enjoyed, but like all things of beauty need a bit of looking after in order to get the best out of it for lots of years to come. Whilst our stoneware products are dishwasher safe, constant dishwashing may result in discolouration over time, so we recommend using low temperatures and liquid detergents. Also think about the poor items at the bottom of the pile which so rarely get used - why not rotate your stack so it all gets used evenly (and if you're very disciplined or have plenty of time on your hands then alternatively, wash your items by hand and dry with a soft cloth). Our stoneware is also suitable for microwave and freezer use for cooking, reheating and storing food, but please note that any pottery can crack when exposed to sudden changes in temperature so bring items slowly up or down to temperature where you can to avoid such cracks.

  • Dimensions

    Weight: 795g

    Length: 16cm, Width: 19.5cm, Depth: 11.6cm

    Capacity: 1200ml