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£220.00 £269.00

Stellar SK93 Knife Sharpener Hand Held


Stage 1 reshapes the blade, stage 2 hones to a razor sharp edge
Secure table top sharpening, thanks to Heavy duty handle and padded non slip base
Stage 2 features 2 ceramic discs
Skill free sharpening, simply draw the blade through, for an accurate sharpening edge
Finger guard for safe use


**Currently this item is unavailable for immediate delivery, however we can ordered it for you. Average Lead Time for Delivery is 4-6 Weeks- once you place your order we will be in touch with an estimated delivery date**
  • Features

    • Stellar Lifetime Guarantee
    • Material: Silicone Carbide
    • Weight: 175g
    • Height: 6.0cm
    • Width: 6.0cm
    • Length: 19.0cm