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Stellar IS60 Sabatier 5 Piece Knife Block Set Wood


The Stellar IS60 Sabatier 5 Piece Knife Block Set Wood is perfect for slicing, mincing, chopping tasks with 3.5" All-purpose Paring Knife, 4" All-purpose Utility Knife, 6" All-purpose Cooks Knife, 8" Carving Knife, 8" Bread Knife.
Each knife is well balanced with hardened blades forged from highest quality X50CrMov15 stainless steel, with Carbon for hardness, Vanadium to retain sharpness and Molybdenum to resist rust and stains.
Lifetime guarantee from Stellar.


  • High-Carbon X50 XCrMov15
  • Stainless Steel for strong cutting edge
  • Designed for professional-standard weight, balance and safety
  • Razor-sharp taper-ground blade
  • Easy to resharpen
  • Solid wooden knife block with embossed metal plate