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Pyrex Cook & Heat Rect 1.1L 215PH00


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Balancing work and family life is often a headache. The juggle between work, school children, sports activities ... while ensuring that everyone eats healthily. And eating healthily starts with making very good dishes: take time and have fun in the kitchen! With the COOK&HEAT 1.1L 215PH00 range of Pyrex® it is no longer a problem. The various dishes in borosilicate glass, allow you to cook and bake, then cool, store and reheat in the microwave, according to your needs. Equipped with a patented lid with valves, especially developed to release steam, quality and speed are finally combined!
  • Features

    Thanks to it's patented lid with steam valves, easily reheat your meals in the microwave. No more unnecessary food splatters in the microwave
    Airtight BPA-free lid with sliding valve and locking clip lid, allows you to store your meals in the fridge.
    Stackable ideal for saving fridge space

    Supports extreme temperatures from -40 ° C to + 300 ° C
    Thermal shock resistant up to 220 ° C: Pyrex glass can go directly from the freezer at a temperature of - 20 ° C into the oven at a temperature of 200 ° C
    BPA free, hygienic material that doesn't retain stains or odors
    Scratch resistant

  • Dimensions

    Reference : 215PH00
    Size : 23 x 15 x 6 cm
    Interior dimensions : 18 x 13 x 6 cm
    External dimensions : 23 x 15 x 6 cm
    Capacity : 1,1 L
    Shape : Rectangular
    Material : Borosilicate glass
    Warranty : 10 years