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Natural Sleep Platinum Latex Mattress Double


Exceptional temperature and motion control for a wonderful sleep

We use natural latex to make sure nothing stops you from getting the sleep you deserve.

Latex has an amazing range of benefits, preventing allergens or dust mites from aggravating asthma and allergies while you sleep. It also helps you achieve a more restful sleep, regulating your body temperature with its cooling effect.

The durable latex material is also incredibly supportive, moulding to every curve in your body to prevent back pain and give consistent support over time – without the extra cost.


 Actual models may vary and come in a wide range of fabrics and combinations


If you wish for a quote on a special size mattress, please call into store or give our beds and bedding department a call on 02892 662707 EXT. 235/238.
  • Features

    • Soft to medium feel
    • Topped with 50mm of pure natural latex for ultimate pressure relief
    • Pocket sprung zoned at the edge for a firmer feel
    • Knitted cloth that stretches two ways, offering increased comfort
    • Non-turn mattress
    • Latex is naturally anti-dust mite material and reduces allergy triggers
    • Latex keeps your body temperature cooler while you sleep
    • Spinal Zone system offers more support at a lower back level