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Morphy Richards X- 980514 Cool Wall Deep Fat Fryer In White

£49.99 £59.99

The Morphy Richards X- 980514 Cool Wall Deep Fat Fryer In White features an easy lid release and vertical hold position. This is beneficial for the user because it allows for easy use and the easy release lid will be perfect for everyone. The less complicated the better! A vertical hold position also allows for an easy grip and more control when using the fryer.

The beautiful white colour means that this fryer will blend in with any theme you have in your kitchen.

The material of the deep fat fryer is plastic, allowing for it to be lightweight for anyone to use.

This fryer comes with the basket to put the food into when frying it and an instruction manual on how to use it, perfect for people who are not familiar with a deep fat fryer.

This Deep Fat Fryer has a 2.5L Oil Capacity and 8Kg Food Capacity. This will allow for you to use the deep fat fryer for your whole family due to the big size.

This Fryer also has a variable Temperature Control (150┬░-190┬░) offering flexibility for frying all types of food, such as chips!

This deep fat fryer also has a 2 year warranty!