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£249.00 £269.00

Lock+Lock 7pc Multi-Functional Set Containers

£17.50 £17.99

100% Air, liquid and moisture tight flexible silicone seal ensures precision lid fitting large locking hinges for easy open and closing movement

  • Features

    Microwave safe 

    Fridge safe

    Freezer safe

    Dishwasher safe

  • Dimensions

    Size: 1 x Lock & Lock 3.9L Rectangular Storage Container

    Size: 232mm x 165mm x 162mm. 1 x Lock & Lock 140ml Round Storage Container 

    Size: 101mm x 44mm. 2 x Lock & Lock 800ml Rectangular Storage Containers

    Size: 205mm x 134mm x 52mm. 2 x Lock & Lock 350ml Rectangular Storage Containers 

    Size: 135mm x 102mm x 52mm. 1 x Lock & Lock 100ml Round Storage Container 

    Size: 89mm x 43mm. Each Lock & Lock storage container is 100% air and watertight, BPA free.