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Miele Kitchen


The Klein 9044 Miele Kitchen is the perfect gift for a budding little chef. They can cook up baked beans on the hob or fry some fish fingers in the frying pan. This food can then be arranged on the pretty plates and seasoned with salt and pepper. To finish off the meal, you can grab a refreshing cold drink from the dispenser.

The Miele Kitchen can be used from both sides and consists of an extractor fan hood, drinks dispenser, sink and practical storage shelves. It also includes a frying pan, pan with lid and cooking utensils including a ladle, fish slice and two cooking spoons. There is also tableware for two, including two plates, two forks, two knives and two spoons.

This Kitchen is excellent for developing your little one's creativity and motor skills.

Age: 3+ 


Dimensions: 28 x 47 x 88.5cm