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Kitchen Devils Lifestyle Meat & Bread Knife 602007


The Kitchen Devils Roast Meat and Bread Knife has been designed to inject a little versatility into working with two of our staples: our meats and our bread.

The first side of the 7.125-inch blade has been serrated to a perfect finish to achieve an equally perfect carve when encountering roast meats. Long story short, you’ll be slicing through pork, beef, chicken, and who knows what else with the precision and ease you could only expect from a Kitchen Devils product.

The second edge of the blade has been expertly scalloped to a professional finish, making short work of bread; soft and hard alike.

With all the use you’ll be getting out of the Kitchen Devils Bread Knife, whatever you decide to use it for, you’ll be glad to know that your kitchen’s newest addition is dishwasher safe, making every aspect of using this knife as easy as possible!


*As this is an age restricted item (18+) we will check your age before collection/dispatch.