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Judge JEA81 Electric Table Grill Non-Stick


The Judge Electric Table Grill non-stick is the perfect accessory to add to your kitchen. The black allows for it to be versatile and fit in with any kitchen colour scheme; and it being a table grill means that when it is not being used it can be stored away; who would not want that!

The Judge JEA81 Electricals Electric Table Grill Non-Stick is perfect for cooking a variety of all meat, vegetables, and fish; no matter what you are cooking, the tabletop grill has you sorted!

The cooking temperature of the grill can be adjusted from 120 degrees to 240 degrees with an additional keep warm setting. This is a bonus because it means you will not have to reheat your food and the adjustable setting will allow for you to cook a range of different foods on it.

The Cooking plate of this tabletop grill is non-stick and allows fat to be drained away into the drip tray for easy cleaning and low-fat cooking. Perfect for anyone trying to be healthy eaters and a good alternative to a normal grill!

The tabletop grill also allows for you to still have your oven grill free, which is good if you are cooking a big meal as you will have more space.

This tabletop grill Is a must have for everyone and the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook in the kitchen!

Additional Information

Judge 2 Year Electrical Guarantee


  • Healthy cooking as little to no oil is required from the non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean, removable fat drip tray
  • Social Cooking, cook and serve all on the table in front of friends & family
  • Perfect alternative to BBQ for apartment living
  • Suitable for all different foods; meet, fish and veggies or even pancakes
  • Wattage: 2000W


  • Height: 8.0cm
  • Width: 25.0cm
  • Length: 57.0cm