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Ideal Haydock Motion Recliner (or Smart Rise+Recliner)


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The dual motor rise recliner chairs are built on British mechanisms, with an unique and innovative (Smart motion) technology fitted as standard. The chair has a simple 4 button handset, with built in stop at the seated positions from both recliner and from the rise position. This smart stop features stops any confusion as to when the chair is fully in the seated position on the floor. 

It also features a USB in the handset for charging mobile phones & tablets. emergency single use battery backup.

25 stone lift capacity, and for ease of movement these chairs come with castors all around as standard.


Pictures displayed are for illustration purposes only
Actual models may vary and come in a wide range of fabrics and combinations.


If you wish for a quote, please call into store or give our Furniture Department a call on 02892 662707 EXT. 235/238.