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EverGreen Lawn Food Premium Moss No Rake 200m2

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EverGreen Lawn Food Premium Moss No Rake has been formulated to have an indirect action against moss. The naturally occurring bacteria "eats" the dead moss, so there's no need for you to rake it out.

It also contains a slow release fertiliser that feeds your lawn for up to 3 months and helps prevent moss from redeveloping.

  • Features

    • Extra Magnesium in this product gives a strong green colour to your lawn within 7 days.
    • Contains an organo-mineral based formula to enrich root zones resulting in a nourished lawn with no scorching.
    • No staining, as its an organic based product so it will not stain paths, patios, terraces, concrete or clothing.
    • Children and pets can re-enter treated area once watered in.
    • Weight: 20 Kilos
    • Coverage: 200 m²