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Clementoni 61893 Science Museum -Mio Robot

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For those fond of technology there’s Mio Robot next generation, an interactive robot that executes commands! With lots of electronic components and a free app, Mio Robot will allow you to discover the fun worlds of robotics and electronics. The child can have fun assembling and programming it thanks to 5 play modes (3 offline and 2 via the app)... plenty of fun activities lie in wait!

The detailed illustrated manual will guide you through every step of the assembly and programming phases.

This game, inspired by the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) methodology, helps to develop manual skills, intelligence and creativity.

Made in Italy.

1. Manual programming

The manual programming function can be used to programme Mio Robot in offline mode thanks to the buttons situated on the electronic board. There are plenty of activities such as:

- obstacle race: after positioning objects along a route, Mio Robot can be simply programmed to move so that it reaches the finish line while avoiding the obstacles;

- word composition or play with mathematics: the robot must be programmed to move over boards (to be built) so that it can compose words or perform mathematical operations;

- search for metal objects: thanks to the magnet included, which must be inserted in the metal detector located on the front, Mio Robot collects objects it encounters along its path;

- freehand drawing: simply insert a marker pen in Mio Robot’s hands and programme the robot: it will reproduce each pre-set movement on the sheet.

The robot works with 3 x AAA batteries, not included in the kit.

2. Follow me / Escape

Thanks to two infrared sensors situated on its belly, the robot detects how close an object is and moves towards or away from it depending on its distance. Mio Robot interacts with the child’s hand: it follows the hand when it is more than 20 cm away and flees frightened when it is very close!

Mio Robot moves at the clap of the hands!

Through the microphone placed on its head, the robot can hear and decode hand claps. Depending on the number of claps and the moment at which they occur, Mio Robot will react differently

In this section of the app you can programme Mio Robot’s movements, sounds and light effects to create fun command sequences. This section of the game represents an easy and fun way of learning the basic principles of coding.

With the REAL TIME function the child can remotely control Mio Robot through a smartphone or tablet as if he were using a remote control.

The Mio Robot app was developed for the Android, iOS and Amazon operating systems and is not compatible with the Windows system.

Minimum requirements:

• Android: devices equipped with AndroidTM 5 operating system (or later versions)

• iOS: devices equipped with iOS 9 operating system (or later versions)

• Amazon: Kindle Fire devices equipped with Fire OS 5 operating system (or later versions


  • CONTENTS: Printed Circuit Board, Electric Motors, Infrared Sensors, Microphone, Battery Compartment, LEDs, Finish Line, Magnet, Tyres (elastics), Head, Body, Arms and Hands, Weels, Magnet Holder, Screws, Illustrated Manual
  • CATEGORY: Scientific Toys
  • RECOMMENDED AGE: + 8 years
  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: 100 Percent Made in Italy
  • TYPOLOGY: A truly unique scientific kit that will allow you to assemble an actual robot. With lots of electronic components and free app, Mio the Robot will allow you to discover the fun worlds of robotics and electronics