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Clementoni 61292 Soap And Bath Bombs


A great Clementoni science kit to discover the art of soap-making and the science behind fizzy bath bombs, by thrusting you into the world of do-it-yourself cosmetics. Thanks to the ingredients included in the kit and all the instruments provided you can make scented soap bars, bath bombs and a whole range of experiments in complete safety. A detailed illustrated manual will show how to make your own cosmetic creations. Made in Italy.

D-I-Y scented soap bars and bath bombs

Simple recipes so you can create a cosmetics lab in your own bedroom! Using the soap, the sugary scented base and the instruments provided you can easily make scented soap bars with different shapes. All you have to do is dissolve the soap, add a few drops of scented base, mix the ingredients with the little spatula, pour the liquid soap into a mould and wait for it to harden. Wait for a few hours before removing the creation from the mould. Thanks to the practical plastic mould included in the kit, children could also make butterfly, shell and mushroom-shaped soaps that are perfect as wardrobe fresheners or fun gifts

Children can amuse themselves by creating scented bath bombs and experiment with their fizziness by following simple steps: - simply measure the ingredients, pour them into a bowl and mix the mixture with your hands while adding water until it holds its shape and no longer crumbles. Children can have fun colouring the bombs by adding food colouring or kitchen ingredients such as cocoa, coffee, turmeric, curry etc. (not included); - when the mixture is properly blended, pour the content into both halves of the spherical mould and join the two parts. Wait for at least 24 hours before removing the bomb to ensure it has hardened completely; - dissolve the bomb in hot water, in the bath or the sink, and watch it fizz.

All the experiment instructions are accompanied by illustrations in the comprehensive manual included in the kit. To ensure the creations are successful it is best to stick very closely to the doses indicated in the manual. Some of the procedures may require the supervision of an adult. After every experiment, store the leftover ingredients in their original containers, so you could use them again for new experiments.

  • Features

    • The kit includes: sugar perfume base, bath bomb mould, spatula, spray bottle, shapes mould, pipette, latex gloves, soap base, illustrated manual.