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Carmen C85017 Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle


Carmen Electric Hot Water Bottle is a perfect git or a treat for yourself. Just recharge the battery and you can take it anywhere. No more worries about getting burnt with hot water.

Our Carmen C85017 Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to stay cozy. It’s rechargeable, electric, and small enough to travel anywhere. Keep warm and comfortable all day and night!

Additional Information


*  Safe Heating Solution

*  Long Lasting Warmth

*  Super Fast Charging

* Automatic Temperature Control

*  Soothes Aches & Pains

*  3 Year Guarantee


  • Features

    *  Charges in 15 minutes

    * Sealed water so no need to ever refill

    *  Keeps water warm for up to 5 hours

    * Great for easing pain and improving circulation

    * Colour:  Grey

  • Dimensions

    Item dimensions: H5.5cm x W24cm x D15.5cm