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Breville VFM021 Hand Mixer with HeatSoft

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This hand whisk is the perfect gift for anyone who loves baking and cooking. With all the feature that this mixer has, it is a must have for your kitchen.

The Breville VFM021 Hand Mixer with Heat Soft features a powerful 270W motor, this is perfect for ensuring that your food is properly mixed.

With 7 speeds and a boost option for full control, this will ensure that you can mix whatever food you desire and at different speeds.

The Heat Soft features softens butter 12x faster than it would soften naturally on your worktop, this allows for a faster baking/cooking process.

This hand mixer includes stainless steel beaters, dough hooks and whisk and a clear plastic storage case. There is also a push-button beater eject, and removable magnetic heat nozzle for easy cleaning.


This electric hand mixer comes with 2 x Beaters, 2 x Dough Hook, 1 x Whisk.
Elevate your baking experience with the Breville Hand Mixer.
Supplied with a plastic storage case.