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Brabantia 112126 Newicon White 3l Pedal Bin


The Brabantia NewIcon Pedal bin white bin is the perfect piece for any room in the house. With it being the perfect size for the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, it will be the perfect bin for your home. This bin is also a beautiful neutral colour which will allow for it to be versatile in any part of the home and blend in with any colour scheme you may have; making this bin a must have in your home!

This bin has a wide opening for easy disposable of all rubbish and a soft close lid to make it durable and eco-friendly.

This bin has a capacity of 3l and is also a round shape to allow for it to fit into any place you desire.

A good aspect of including this bin into your home is that it is fingerprint proof; meaning that it will always look clean. Another bonus is that this bin is silent closing; this means that there will be no sound when operating it. The bin also operates outwards.

The style of this bin is a pedal bin, this means that it is operated by foot, making it hygienic and easy for anyone to use. Alongside, the inside of the bin is plastic, meaning that if need be the inside can be easily removed and cleaned, making this bin desirable for your home!


Dimensions:  H26.4 x W16.8 x D23.5cm

10 Year Warranty