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Brabantia 112102 Newicon 5l FPP Matt Steel Pedal Bin


This compact little Brabantia new Icon 5L Bathroom Pedal Bin in Steel is perfect for use in bathrooms, bedrooms or even your study.

Featuring a soft-close lid, this Brabantia pedal bin is a delight to use and won't reward you with a jarring 'bang' every time you use it.

It's also odour-proof when closed to keep any unpleasant smells hidden away, and has a non-slip base which both protects your flooring and keeps the bin stable and steady.

With a removable plastic bucket which can be easily manoeuvre for convenient cleaning, the bin is both stylish and well-designed.

The non-slip base will protect your floor and keeps bin steady.

  • Features

    • Odour-proof – When closed, this bin won't let any unpleasant smells escape.
    • Soft close – This unique feature means that the lid will close very smoothly and quietly so there won’t be any disturbance.
    • Easy-clean – With a removable plastic bucket which can be cleaned conveniently.
    • Protective base – This will protect your floor and keeps the bin steady during use.