Bosch EasyHedge Cut 45-16 Hedge Cutter

Bosch EasyHedge Cut 45-16 Hedge Cutter

Model: 012815

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  • Description

    The lightweight, electric Bosch AHS 45-16 hedgecutter is designed for effortless handling. This convenient and well-balanced tool ensures a comfortable working position. The outstanding performance of the AHS 45-16 hedgecutter is thanks to its high-speed motor, 45 cm blade length and 16 mm tooth opening. The tool is ideal for trimming small-sized hedges. Due to its powerful 420 W high-performance motor it delivers excellent cutting results.

  • Features

    • Effortless handling: lightweight hedgecutter, designed to reduce the strain on your arms and back
    • Convenience: a well-balanced tool with ergonomic handles to ensure a more comfortable working position
    • Outstanding performance: high-speed motor and 16 mm tooth opening give you the cutting power for small to medium-sized hedges
    • Optimum balance and ergonomics for comfortable working in any position
    • High-performance 420 W motor for powerful cutting
    • Small outer dimensions for better handling