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Belling BIH60T Induction Hob


Belling BIH60T Induction Hob Belling BIH60T Induction Hob

Induction Hob:
It works by heating only the pan rather than the hob, quicker than a gas hob.
Digital Touch Controls:
With the touch controls you can be sure they won't accidentally be switched on or changed when set, they are easy to use and clean.
Automatic Pan/Zone Detection:
Once you lift your pan off the cooking zone, the zone detection function will automatically reduce the power and will help you to save energy.If the pan used is not suitable for an induction hob then a symbol will flash to let you know. 
Pan Overheat Detection:
If left unattended the hob automatically shuts down before a dangerous temperature is reached.
Digital Hob Timer:
A timer and alarm system that tells you when your selected time has elapsed.


Key Technical Specifications

  • product SummaryFuel Electric

  • Burner/Element 1 (kW) Medium Induction (1.5kW)

  • Burner/Element 2 (kW) Large Induction (2.0kW)

  • Height (mm) 55mm

  • Width (mm) 590mm

  • Depth (Mm) 520mm

  • Weight (Kg) 9.6kg

  • Burner/Element 3 (kW) Medium Induction (1.5kW)

  • Burner/Element 4 (kW) Large Induction (2.0kW)