Tactic I Know Hit List 53956

Tactic I Know Hit List 53956

Model: 53956

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  • Description

    Name as many of the items on the Hit List as you can and score points! Correctly guess how many the other players will score to gain bonus points.

    This is the perfect game to have in your home because the 'hit list' covers a large variety of different topics. It also features a handy card holder and a score keeper device so that all players can keep track of their scores throughout the game.

    This game also has classic parts from the other original IKNOW game, so if you were a fan of that one, you will be a fan of this one!

    Unlike the original one, this one is faster than the original, but still just as fun! And if you are good at using your imagination, then you will be good at this game, by using clever bets to be able to get the highest score possible.

    This is the perfect game to play with your friends and your family!

  • Features


    • Game board
    • 6 iKNOW tokens
    • 300 cards
    • 1 hit list card holder.
    • sand timer and rules