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Pavilion Cast Iron 30cm Shallow Casserole By Denby


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The Pavilion Cast Iron 30cm Shallow Casserole by Denby is brilliant for entertaining, batch cooking or for a larger family. The casseroles are versatile pots, which can be used to saute vegetables, make soup or quick sauces. Denby cast is energy efficient which means the casserole heats up fast and stays hotter for longer, ideal for fluffy rice dishes. The shallow casserole is an ideal shape for slow cooked casseroles, stews or smaller roasts.

The Denby Pavilion Cast Iron 30cm Shallow Casserole is a beautiful blue colour and will quickly become your new favourite dish!


Capacity: 3650ml

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Lifetime Guarantee: Yes

Recipe Booklet: Yes

Oven Safe: Up to 250C/Gas Mark 9/482F


Weight: 5800g

Length: 30cm

Width: 30cm

Depth: 13cm