Panasonic Batteries LR1 1.5v

Panasonic Batteries LR1 1.5v

Model: EX-SW-4G2M

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    • Description

      Panasonic LR1 N batteries use alkaline technology to deliver 1.5V with a capacity of 1000mAh. The cell has a height of 28mm, a diameter of 10mm and a weight of 12g.

      Alkaline batteries have a longer shelf life and a higher charge density than zinc-carbon batteries and are less harmful than traditional mercury cells. These cells are commonly used small electronic devices such as clocks and alarms. Panasonic LR1 N cells are a straight swap for LR01, 2011, MN9100, N size, E90, 4001, KN/KN-2, AM5, UM5, 810 and 910A models.

      These single use micro alkaline batteries provide an inexpensive alternative to lithium cells and are a safer substitute for mercury batteries. Panasonic LR1 N batteries are versatile cells, suitable for powering a wide range of consumer electronics.