Coasters Butterfly Floral

Pack Of 6 Premium Coasters Butterfly Floral Creative Tops

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  • Description

    The Pack of 6 Premium Coasters Butterfly Floral Creative Tops are perfect for protecting your tabletops while you enjoy a piping hot tea or coffee. These coasters are decorated with bright painted flowers and delicate little butterflies fluttering amongst them. These coasters are topped with luxury, lacquered surface that is smooth to touch, is stain resistant and easy to wipe clean. These coasters are 0.5cm thick and backed with cork to provide protection for your tabletop. These coasters are also heat resistant up to 120C. The edges of these mats are lacquered too to ensure durability and protect against spills.
  • Features

    Heat Resistant up to 120C

    Stain Resistant

    Easy to Wipe Clean