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Newbridge Rose Gold Large Bangle Black


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Newbridge are creators of fine jewellery, homeware and giftware. The company have a unique history of expertise and craftsmanship combined with a modernistic eye for design. At the turn of the 20th Century, the town of Newbridge, in the heart of Co. Kildare, Ireland was a thriving garrison community. When the army vacated in 1921 this all changed leaving a huge economic vacuum. The metal forging and linishing equipment left behind, combined with the local know-how lead to the creation of a unique enterprise- the Newbridge Cutlery Company. This company has grown and developed into Newbridge Silverware that is known and loved by many today.


The Newbridge Rose Gold Large Bangle Black is a chic, enamel bangle that will soon become one of your jewellery box favourites. This Bangle features the Ti:amo lotus symbol for extra style. This beautiful bangle is the perfect gift and comes in one of Newbridge's gift boxes.