Crinkle Chip Cutter

Kitchen Craft Crinkle Chip Cutter


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    • Description

      This versatile gadget has many uses in the kitchen, with its wavy blade, it turns potatoes into home-fried-crinkle-cut chips and makes crinkled slices of cucumber to garnish salads, cuts snack-sized carrot sticks.

      You can use it to cut crinkly cookies, add a traditional edging to pastry cases. It’s made of robust stainless steel, resistant to stains, odours and corrosion.

      Once you finish you can store it in any kitchen drawer or hang it from a tool rack.

      Easy to clean, dishwasher safe and comes with a 25 year guarantee!

    • Features

      ·        Easy to clean

      ·        Dishwasher safe

      ·        25 year guarantee