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Halo Cast Iron 28cm Oval Casserole By Denby


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Denby Halo cast iron is brilliant for entertaining, batch cooking or for a larger family. The casseroles are versatile pot, use to sauté vegetables, make soup or quick sauces. Denby cast is energy efficient which means the casserole heats up fast and stay hotter for longer, ideal for fluffy rice dishes. The shallow casserole is ideal shape for slow cooked casseroles, stews or smaller roasts.

Suitable for use on all hobs (gas, electric, ceramic, glass, induction and halogen) and any type of oven, including Aga Stoves and open fires (and even barbecues!). When using on any glass stove tops, always follow the manufacturer's guidance. Don't drag pans across the glass. 

Cast Iron should be washed using soapy water and low abrasive cleaning pads or brushes. You may need to soak the pot to remove any food residues. Ensure you fully dry the pot and store it in dry conditions to avoid any rust. You may want to put kitchen roll on top to absorb any moisture.

  • Features

    Capacity: 4250ml
    Length: 28cm
    Width: 21cm
    Depth: 17cm
    Dishwasher Safe:            Yes
    Oven Safe: Up to 250C/Gas Mark 9/482F              
    Model: 193013798
    Guarantee: 10 Year (T&C's)