Gibson Corfe Castle Crossing  Puzzle

Gibson Corfe Castle Crossing Puzzle

Model: G3115

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       This jigsaw is a high quality 500-piece jigsaw puzzle which is perfect for anyone who loves trains and loves jigsaws. This jigsaw will be perfect for stimulate peoples mind with also being slightly difficult because of all the colours of black and greens.

      This jigsaw is perfect for all train lovers, and if you enjoy doing jigsaws, it is a must have to add to your collection. The black and green colours make this jigsaw slightly difficult to complete and will have the mind hard at work!

      This jigsaw is also made from think and durable jigsaw board that is 100% recycled. This is perfect because it means that the pieces will not be destroyed easily, and the jigsaw can be completed multiple times repeatedly. The Gibson puzzle pieces are also the thickest on the market!

      This puzzle illustrates a British Railways Standard Class 4 steam engine as it chugs past Corfe Castle giving passengers on their way to the coast an impressive view of the magnificent ancient structure.

      Gibsons are renowned for their jigsaw puzzles with carefully illustrated pieces which are made from the highest quality long-lasting 100% recycled board Completed puzzle.