DKB Lift Off Can Opener

DKB Lift Off Can Opener

Model: C10007

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  • Description

    This can opener is the perfect can opener. It is easy to use and an essential to have in your kitchen.

    The simple design of the Culinare Lift Off Can Opener makes opening tins effortless, with a smooth side-cutting action to cleanly lift lids for mess-free removal and easy use
    Featuring a basic design, this white opener is lightweight and simple to turn, and securely attaches to the top making it easy to use for those with arthritis or limited hand mobility
    To use, simply attach the opener to the can lid, rotate the knob and lift away the lid; the opener pierces and cuts lids safely from the side, leaving no sharp edges behind
    The clean slicing motion of this manual opener makes it a wonderful addition to your kitchen gear, as an effective tool for opening vegetables, beans, soups, and other favourite canned foods
  • Dimensions

    • Depth/Length: 4 cm
    • Height: 15.5 cm
    • Width: 3.3 cm