Cobi Toys Small Army Nato Armoured Vehicle 210 Pieces

Cobi Toys Small Army Nato Armoured Vehicle 210 Pieces

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  • Description

    The Cobi Toys Small Army 24305 Nato Armoured Vehicle 210 Pieces is an exciting building kit that will provide hours of entertainment for your little one. The NATO Armoured all-terrain vehicle is technologically advanced, has high mobility and comes in sand camouflage. This military vehicle can deal with different types of terrain and can transport ammunition, provisions and even serve as an ambulance.

    This model has four doors, a bumper and hatch at the roof which can be opened and a rotating machine mini gun. This model has excellent mobility thanks to its solid, movable wheels. The set includes a soldier figure, an ammunition box with shells and small accessories including a palm tree and sandy hill.

    This toy is excellent for developing your child's logical thinking, creativity and social behaviour.

    Dimensions: L:14.5 x W:9 x H:9cm

    Age: 7+


  • Dimensions

    Dimensions: L:14.5 x W:9 x H:9cm