Brabantia Perfume Your Bin Refills Capsules, Pine

Brabantia Perfume Your Bin Refills Capsules, Pine

Model: 482069

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    • Description

      The Brabantia perfume your bin range is the perfect solution to hide unpleasant smells in your kitchen and bathroom bins. They have a self-adhesive device so that it sticks to the underside of your bin lid and masks unpleasant odours as well as releasing bursts of pleasant fragrance. Comes in a choice of fragrances.

      Fragrance:  Lasts for 4-6 Weeks

      Scents:  Various different scenes available

    • 1. Clean the underside of the lid, and ensure it is dry
    • 2. Remove the protective film from the adhesive tape at the back of the holder and fit to the    underside of the lid
    • 3. Please wait 24 hours before using the holder to ensure it has adhered correctly
    • 4. Remove the foil tab from the capsule to activate the fragrance
    • 5. Open the holder and place the refill capsule inside the holder
    • 6. Close the holder
    • Scent:  Pine